What Is David DuVal doing now?

many people have been asking what David Duval has been doing recently. I’m not sure which David Duval they’re talking about, but since people are asking, I might as well give a few updates about my life.

on September 28, 2023 I arrived in Hangzhou China and then spent the next couple of months exploring China. I went to 13 cities including Beijing, Ningbo, Suzhou, Changsha, Fujian, Xiamen, Putian, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, and Foshan.

then I reconnected with an old business friend who I’m at 19 years ago in Bhubaneswar India. We have started collaborating together again and our building a digital marketing company. At the same time I’ve been able to work online and continue my responsibilities with two other software companies, Dance Studio Manager, and Pole Studio Manager.

I’ve also been able to travel to Thailand and see Sa Kaeo, Bangkok, and Koh Chang. I would say the highlights so far was Koh Chang because of the absolutely beautiful beaches there.

that’s all for now but that’s what David Duval has been up to recently.