It has been a great please to come to Bhubaneswar, India to visit one of the Auroin offices. 20 years ago I met the owner, and he was just starting out. I had posted a request on a website called Rent-a-Coder, and he wanted to do the work. The first job was only about $10, but he was so excited to do the work. Soon after, I gave him more work, as well as introduced him to a friend who also needed work. Now years later, he has built a multi-million dollar company. I was his first customer, and now I have come to their company headquarters.

They have taken me to many to many interesting places, such as ancient temples, local restaurants, and shopping malls. I have had the pleasure to work together with many of the employees, and have even decided to make it official and become their Sales Director! I won’t be in India continuously, but I will visit frequently, and I look forward to building a wonderful and long lasting relationship with them. I’m sure I will be posting more about this soon.

Meanwhile, I will still be working with our other businesses as well. They are growing too. It’s a great start to 2024!