David DuVal Net Worth

So being in digital marketing and web development, of course I am always studying websites to see what attracts people to them. Unfortunately, I don’t think too many people will be too interested in my net worth since I am not a golfer. I did play golf from maybe able 6 until 13. My grandfather would take me out golfing. We went to the Masters once, and Arnold Palmer picked me up, but I don’t believe we got a picture. I remember I developed a bad slice, and I got frustrated, I didn’t want to play golf any more. But imagine if I did continue and I did get to be a great golfer! There would have been too famous David DuVals playing golf at the same time. That would have made for some interesting conversation.

I suppose if I were really wealthy, or not, I wouldn’t want anyone to know my net worth. What would be the benefit of that? I suppose in the news now we have people who tell the bank their net worth is high and they tell the tax collector their net worth is low. So maybe it is best that I tell you my net worth is more than $100 and less than $10 million, but it depends on who you are! haha

David DuVal