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Vogt Family Documents

My grandmother maintains many records about our family, which I believe my mother has now, but here follows a little bit of what I have:

I’m related to Charlemagne

Perhaps there are millions of people related to Charlemagne, but I am one of them, and my grandmother was an avid genealogist, who spent hours and hours researching these things before we had the internet, so this is both interesting and sentimental for me. Charlemagne Family Tree Charlemagne(768-814)=Hildegard Pepin, King of Italy Bernard, King of …

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My First Post in 2002

Just made a couple of small edits (I don’t like broken links or bad formatting). At the time, I was probably using Dreamweaver. June 4th, 2002 – Day 1 of Hosting with PHP and mySQL: I’ve been trying to learn more about building websites that interact with databases. The current hosting package that I am …

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Failed Ideas

Failed ideas are great if you went through the process of trying to make something work, but you learned a lot in the process, and I suppose in this sense, it really isn’t a failure. I’ve made a lot of websites and web apps, and definitely some of them are no longer in existence. So …

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My Cats in 2006

In 2006, Shelley and I had 3 cats: Captain, Prissy and Eartha. Here they are… πŸ™‚ Prissy is Orange. Captain is White and you can see he lost an eye, and Eartha is the grey tabby.