Whatever Happened to David DuVal?

My First Post in 2002

Just made a couple of small edits (I don’t like broken links or bad formatting). At the time, I was probably using Dreamweaver. June 4th,…
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The TIGER Approach to Life

My grandfather told me long ago about the TIGER approach to life, and it is as true today as ever. I hope you will think…
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Failed Ideas

Failed ideas are great if you went through the process of trying to make something work, but you learned a lot in the process, and…
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Dispel Melancholy Grocery Store

Well the name doesn’t translate very well (Amazon books uses this translation as well), but I just finished reading this book. It the second full…
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Enjoying my New Chromebook

In internet years, I think a long time time passed during which time there was no suitable alternative to Windows at a good price. Sure,…
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Activating your Creative Mind

This is something I wrote May 11, 2007, and I’ve “revived” it (hopefully my creative mind too!) 🙂 Part 1 You are looking at the…
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So you found me! 🙂 Again? 🙂

Perhaps you got an email from me, and maybe you wanted to know a little more about me. I am married with cats. I am a web developer and a dancer, and make software and websites related to dancing. I also love languages, and I can read, write and speak Chinese. I also speak a little Vietnamese and Spanish. I don’t do too much on this website, so not much to see here, but who knows? Maybe I will add more later.