Marvelous Hiking and Ziplining at Waterfalls near Yaremche, Ukraine

I had a great time hiking with Volodymyr and Julia to a waterfall near Yaremche Ukraine. The night before we spent the night at a resort in Bukovel. It took us maybe 20 minutes to drive Volodymyr’s Jeep Cherokee down the mountain road to get to the trail, and then another 20-30 minutes to get to the falls. The falls were beautiful, and you can see some pictures below. And to my surprise, there was also a place where you could zip line. It was my first time trying, and it was so much fun!

And a little further comment about tourism in Ukriane. There are many places that are super safe and far from any sort of war or missile strikes. And many places in the Carpathian mountains like Bukovel and Yaremche are good examples. Obviously, do your own research, but I felt very safe, and just had a great time! So if you are considering a vacation to Ukriane in 2024, there are still some nice places, and one area to focus is in the Carpathian mountains North of Romania.