Albertus Vogt – To My Sweetheart

North Street
Lakeland (FL) 1914


(Dedicated to Marguerite.)
now my wife

God’s truest artist wrought your form
With subtle graces in its curves,
And strength and beauty to adorn
A Goddess such as you deserve
To make you divine, “My Sweetheart.”

Your guardian angel at your birth,

Brought down from out the skies

Two wide blue townships in the earth,

And made concentrates for your eyes

To make you my magnet, “My Sweetheart.”

The bits of radium that are found
Are fragments from your smile,
That light my life and home around
Which your bright presence guilds;

A Heaven, for which I love you, “My Sweetheart.”

Your mind with wisdom good and true
By lavish nature has been stored,
Your heart with impulse sweet and pure
And passions most by man adored,
Make you all mine, “My Sweetheart.”

The sun will cease his golden tryst

With radiant rosy evening skies,

The moon will soar from West to East

If I forget your June sky eyes,

Or forget to love you, “My Sweetheart.”

The laughing, dancing rivers waves

That lave ‘Lacoochee’s palm clad shore,

Will silent sulk within their caves

In brooding stillness ever more,

If I forget to love you, “My Sweetheart.”

Written by Albertus Vogt to
his wife, Margaret Vassie Vogt.