I’m related to Charlemagne

Perhaps there are millions of people related to Charlemagne, but I am one of them, and my grandmother was an avid genealogist, who spent hours and hours researching these things before we had the internet, so this is both interesting and sentimental for me.

Charlemagne Family Tree

Pepin, King of Italy
Bernard, King of Italy
Pepin de Peronne, Count of Vermandois
Pepin de Senlis
Herbert I, Count of Vermandois, d. 902
Poppa de Valois
m. Rollo the Dane, 1st Duke of Normandy
Herbert II, Count of Vermandois, d. 943
William Longswood, 2nd Duke of Normandy
Albert I, Count of Vermandois
m. Gerberga, dau. of Louis IV of France
Richard I, 3rd Duke of Normandy
m. Gunnor, she d. 1032
Herbert III, Count of Vermandois
Richard II, 4th Duke of Normandy
m. Judith de Bretagne
Otho, Count of Vermandois
Robert I, 6th Duke of Normandy
Herleve of Falaise (unmarried)
Herbert IV, Count of Vermandois
William the Conquerer, 1025-1087
m. Matilda, d. 1083
Adelheid of Vermandois
m. Hugh Magnus, son of Henry I of Franceand Anne of Russia
Henry I, King of England 1068-1135
m. Matilda of Scotland
Isabel de Vermandois
m. William de Warenne, d. 1135
2nd Earl of Surrey
Matilda, 1103-1167
m. Geoffrey Plantagenet

Gundred de Warenne
m. Roger de Newbugh, d. 1153
2nd Earl of Warwick

Henry II, King of England 1133-1189
m. Eleanor of Aquitaine
Waleran de Newbugh, 1153-1203
m. Alice de Harcourt
John, King of England, 1166-1216
signed the Magna Carta 1215
m. Isabella of Angouleme
Alice de Newburgh, d. 1263
m. William de Mauduit, d. 1257
Henry III, King of England 1206-1272
m. Eleanor of Provence
Isabel de Mauduit
m. William de Beauchamp, 1237-1298
Earl of Warwick
Edward I, King of England 1239-1307
m. Eleanor of Castille, d. 1290
William de Beauchamp, 1237-1298
Earl of Warwick
m. Maud Fitz John, d. 1301
Edward II, King of England, 1284-1327
m. Isabella of France, dau. of Henry IV
Isabel de Beauchamp, d. 1306
m/ Hugh le Despenser, hanged 1326
Earl of Winchester
Edward III, King of England, 1312-1377
m. Philippa of Hainault, d. 1369

Hugh le Despenser II, hanged 1326
m. Eleanor de Clare, 1292-1337

John of Gaunt, 1340-1399
m. Catherine Roelt, 1350-1403
Edward le Despeser, 1336-1375
m. Elizabeth de Burghersh, d. 1409
Joan of Beaufort, 1379-1440
m. Ralph de Neville
Thomas le Despenser, KG. 1373-1400 
m. Constance Plantagenet, d. 1416
Grandaughter of Edward III
Isabel de Despenser, 1400-1439
m. Richard de Beauchamp
Earl of Winchester
Sir Edward de Neville, KG
Elizabeth Beauchamp, 1415-1458
Sir george Neville, 1440-1492
m. Margaret Fenne, d. 1485
Sir Edward Neville, beheaded 1540
m. Eleanor Windsor
Francis Neville, 1519-1599
m. Sir Edward Waldegrave, 1517-1561
Nicholas Waldegrave
m. Catherine Brown
Frances Waldegrave
m. Richard Weston, KG.
1577-1635 Earl of Portland
Katherine Weston, 1607-1645
m. Richard Whyte, b. ca. 1580
Frances Whyte, b. 1622, Co. Essex
m. Richard Wells in Virginia ca. 1637
1610-1677, came to Anne Arundel
Co., Md. ca. 1652
Mary Wells, d. 1699
m. Thomas Stockett, d. 1671
Frances Stockett
m. Mareen DuVall the Elder, 1661-1735
Descendants of Mareen the Elder

How am I related to Mareen DuVal?
Well…we’ll save that for another day.

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