The TIGER Approach to Life

My grandfather told me long ago about the TIGER approach to life, and it is as true today as ever. I hope you will think through this for your own life.

T – Tolerance

People are different, but you have to be empathetic and try to understand what makes them the way they are

I – Integrity

You will encounter lots of people that took a “shortcut to success”, but over time it will be honesty that insures you live a successful and gratifying life.

– Generosity

When you can give of yourself without focusing on the return, but just do it because you want to help, you will receive far more than you ever imagined, but it might not be exactly the way you thought it might be

E – Enthusiasm

It’s easy to have a good day, but it is the people that can find enthusiasm within them even during the downtimes that will be able to live life to the fullest

– Respect

You can’t change everyone, but you can give respect to them. Just be alive comes with all kinds of stresses, and we should respect people, as well as be empathetic to the way they have learned to think about life and the World, by doing our best to understand them.

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