Whatever Happened to David DuVal?

You might have found me here because of my email address, or maybe you were searching for the famous golfer, David DuVal (I am not him). You will find a litte about me here though. I won’t try to pretend that this website truly represents me yet, as I am much busier editing other website, or traveling or doing business stuff.

Right now, I am sitting in a lounge area in Tokyo writing this as I wait for a flight to Bangkok. From Bangkok, I will go to India, and then further west. I am really looking forward to seeing more of the World.

In the past I did lots of interesting things in my life, among those:

  • Created phpLD (PHP Link Directory), which was once a software product that was used on a few hundred thousand websites. Of course, all software and websites would not be possible with the help of others.
  • Taught thousands of people how to dance. I started dancing about 1993. I then went on to teach, and even was on the competition circuit for many years. I studied with approximately 15 World Champions, plus dozens of other great teachers. One of the best teachers was Jim Richmond, who helped me realize I could become a great dancer. Few people have heard of him, but he was very pivotal in my life.
  • Created Dance Studio Manager with Shelley DuVal, and we have run this business together for more than a decade. It branched out into two more software companies (includeing Pole Studio Manager).
  • Created some dance discussion websites, Dance Forums and Salsa Forums, which have been visited by millions of people, with hundreds of thousands of posts about dancing, written over a 20+ year period and still active today.
  • Taught a poor Indian man how to do work online around 2003, and he went on to create a multimillion dollar company, employing hundreds of people. I am now collaborating with him on Auroin 2.0, and things are going great!
  • And most recently I have been travelling the World. I hope to start to include more content here about my travels.

That’s it for now. I’m sure I missed some important things or people, but the great thing about life is you can keep revising your story!