DSM Summer Update

We are about halfway through the Summer, and DSM is going as smooth as ever. Last year (2017), we put a lot of work into improving the stability, and making sure all pages of the app were more user friendly. Rather than just piling on more and more features, we took the time improve what we already have, and I have to say that it really paid off.

I think it is easy to get so involved in adding features, thinking that this is what will drive new customers to use your app, when really what often ends up happening is customers are confused or encounter problems, because features were not fully tested, or are not intuitive, or both. With any new feature, each dance studio is going to have a different way they use it, and it is important that there is adequate testing, both before release, as well as after, discussing the feature with customers and getting their feedback on ways to improve it.

One of our newest features has been signed documents, and our new customers have really taken to it! When it comes to Liability Waivers, and Photo Permissions, or Financial Agreements, there is a little added peace of mind knowing that you have a signature, yet not having to do everything on paper.

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