Monterey Park Shooting

In the blink of an eye 20+ people were shot at the studio where I worked for 10 years. The manager that hired me, Mr. Ma, who I knew very well, is diseased. A man I sang Chinese songs with, Valentino Alvero, has also passed away. A dance teacher I saw every week, Kai Wen, who danced at the parties with his students was injured, and I am waiting to find out what happened with him. My student was there and is terrorized. Dancing was central to her life, and she questions if she will ever be able to dare dance again.

I was interviewed by the press a dozen times in the last few days, and helped my students and friends tell their stories too, because they don’t speak English. I wanted to collect some of the links while they are fresh, because I want to remember this time:

  1. Washington Post (I brought by friend Niu Yi to this interview and took them out to lunch afterwards, and here is my interview) – 2
  2. New York Times2
  3. LAist
  4. LA Times
  5. New York Post
  6. Daily Beast
  7. San Diego Union Tribune2
  8. Yahoo
  9. USA Today
  10. The Guardian
  11. Seattle Times
  12. Business Insider